Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Desert Rose

I have fallen in love with a plant known as "Desert Rose". Also known as "Adenium" - these chubby little succulents have their origins in Saudi Arabia, Yemen and other areas in that part of the world. They take some effort to keep alive - their cultural needs are special - don't water too much - don't let get too cold - prune at certain times and not others - best grown in full sun - although here in Arizona the desert sun can be very brutal so better to have them in partial shade in the late afternoon. So much effort - but as you can see above - the reward for the Spring flowering is worth it! I think our own lives are much like the Adenium - we need to be aware of what we need and what we don't and when we need to do certain things that are in our best interests - when to be in the sun and when to find the shade. So, in learning about how to take care of a special plant with special needs - we become aware of our own special needs and also the needs of others.
I like to think that with the right care - ALL of us can flower when we are supposed to and bring beauty into the world. And that makes for a truly meaningful life.

Bloom away my friends...bloom away....